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How Should Christians React to a Military Threat from Another Nation?

North Korea’s National Defense Commission recently released the following statement: We do not hide that a variety of satellites and long-range rockets which will be launched by the DPRK one after another and a nuclear test of higher level which … Continue reading

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Why Did Jesus Tell His Disciples to Buy Swords?

Most Christians I have encountered believe strongly that Jesus advocates the use of violence for self-defense. To bolster their position, they often quote Luke 22:36, which says: And He said to them, “But now, whoever has a money belt is … Continue reading

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Is Repentance a Requirement for Forgiveness?

Recently, a believer shared his view that a Christian should never forgive another person for sin unless that person first repents. I had never heard this belief before, so I searched the Bible to find a basis for it. Here … Continue reading

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