#42 – Restoration Intro

The Salvation of all men!  Sounds too good to be true, right?  I mean, the Gospel (Good News) is already too good to be true; God took our fallen nature upon Himself and became sin so that we would be the righteousness of God!  He didn’t just take a few people’s sins, He abolished sin for the whole world!  Anyone and everyone who has or ever will exist!  In our fallen state we were hostile to God and yet He loved us (and still loves us) so much that He went through all of that…just to heal us and set us free!  But it gets even better; we also get to know and experience our Creator!  A majestic King favoring a worm!  How can this be?

It truly is great news if you think about it.  No, not just great, too good to be true!  And yet it is true.  So with how absolutely unbelievable this good news is, and with how absolutely unbelievably good and loving God is to do all this for us…why are so many so adamantly against God figuring out a way to apply this grace to everyone?  I mean, if the Good News is too good to be true, then it should really be too good to be true!  Right?

It is my perception that a shadow has been cast over the Good News.  A shadow so deep and dark that it almost completely swallows up the joy and light found in the Good News!  “Yes, God has made a way for man to be saved from his wretchedness…but…it will only be given to a few.  And if you’re not one of those few, well…lets just say it would have been better if God had never created you in the first place.”  And that “few” really means around 5% or less of all human beings (and that’s being generous!)  (Some people claim that 25% of the world are Christians, but a simple application of intellectual honesty exposes this as erroneous)

A mere 5% will be redeemed!?  Its a miracle that anyone can see the light for how immense the darkness is!  No wonder the number one reason people reject Christianity is b/c they cannot believe that a “Good” God would actually be so cruel.  Its amazing really, they are bearing witness that if there truly is a God then He would be Good; and infinite torment would NOT be good.  And I agree!

The Good News is Good News and it is Good News for All; as the angel declared when Christ was born,

“Behold, I bring you Good News of great joy which will be for ALL people.”  (Luke 2:10)

And that is what this series will be about, all the instances and various ways in which Scripture declares this aspect of the Good News.  That it is for ALL!  There is no darkness here, only light.  And unfortunately this light cannot be found in the Church.  Its a shame that one has to go outside of the Church to find the light.

There is a famous Church Sign that many of you have probably seen at one time or other.  It says, “Ch__ch…what’s missing?  You are!”  Its sort of clever, right?  But more than clever its ironic, b/c   what’s truly missing from the Ch__ch is UR.  The word for “light” in Hebrew is UR! (Strong’s Hebrew 216)  The light is missing from the Church due to this awful shadow they cast over the Good News with their man made doctrine of Endless Torment!  On another ironic note, UR is Universal Reconciliation!   The “light” (UR) that is missing in the Church is the light of Universal Reconciliation!  Every time I see that sign I cannot help but laugh at how brilliant and funny God is b/c He always “catches the clever in their cleverness.”  He manages to find ways for all of us who darken His Gospel to still betray the truth!

That’s all I will rant about concerning His Church, I’m not trying to slander God’s anointed.  But I do feel justified in challenging us where I feel we err.  My judgments don’t apply to all Christians, but, practically speaking, it does apply to the majority.


This series will be about all the ways in which Scripture declares God’s glorious plan to save all men.  We are going to be looking at not only a large quantity but also a large variety of Scriptures.  I guarantee that you will be astounded at how much of the light of Universal Reconciliation (U.R.) shines out in the Bible.  This series will be the longest one yet, for the simple reason that there is ALOT of material to handle.

There are; #1 – over 40 direct statements about the salvation of all men; #2 – a multitude of theological principles/concepts that confirm and support this; and #3 – dozens of types and shadows in Scripture that prophesy about the reconciliation/restoration of all men (at least that I have discovered so far, there are probably many many more that I simply have not had my eyes opened to yet).

The only other thing is that I probably wont be able to post one a week as I have been doing for the past year.  I will be posting them around once every 2 or 3 weeks.

This series will thus be divided into these 3 categories.  I will title them simply:

Plain Statements:

We will look in detail at every verse that positively teaches the concept that God will save all mankind.

Theological Support:

We will explore all the ways that theology blatantly and shamelessly confirms and supports the concept that God will save all mankind.

We will also explore all the ways that Eternal Torment Theology falls apart and contradicts itself.

Types and Shadows:

We will be exploring topics that range from the Feast of Tabernacles, to the life of Jonah, to Moses’ intercession for God’s glory, to the priesthood of Melchizedek, to the 5 Covenants found in Scripture, to God’s promise to Sodom, to the 2nd Passover, to the Jubilee, to Peter’s vision in Acts, to the song of Creation in Revelation to the river of life flowing from the throne in Ezekiel; and much much more.


Needless to say we have a lot to cover.  For a lot of people this is the meat of Universal Reconciliation.  I personally find what we will look at in this series to be the most important reason why I or anyone should believe that God will save all mankind.  What we have looked at so far in the previous 3 series has merely given us the foundation upon which to firmly and confidently receive these Scriptural references as testifying about the truth.  Those previous series were merely the icing on the cake, giving us further confirmation that U.R. is truly the position taken in God’s Word.

This series will reveal the most glorious promise in Scripture – that, no matter how fallen we are or how violently we oppose and rebel against our Creator, He has sworn that He will redeem us; He has sworn that He will not rest until He has found and rescued every single lost soul; He has sworn that no matter what obstacles are in His way He will eventually win every one of us over to His unfathomable love!

May God bless you as you read!

About Luke Kessler

Luke Kessler has a bachelor's degree in Biblical Studies (not that that matters to God) and spent some time as a missionary in Asia. It was there, through unique circumstances that God began to reveal His glorious plan to save all men. God brought his time of missions to an end and Luke now works in Construction on the Central Coast in California. He enjoys spending his free time studying God's Word and the signs of the times, and sharing what God has shown him every opportunity he has. If you can figure the following out, feel free to contact him by email (his Yahoo account spelled out so as to avoid spam is "luke" then "land" then the number "7") :)
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