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#29 – The Righteousness of God

If we are going to attempt to discover the true nature of judgment (as I hope to do with this series), we must first grasp the reason why there must be judgment in the first place.  On top of this … Continue reading

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#28 – The Three Stages of Salvation

Before we begin any sort of inquiry into the nature and process of judgment in the afterlife, there are a few things that we need to understand.  Things that, without which, will cause a bit of confusion.  So even though … Continue reading

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#2 – Profound Biblical Proof for the Restoration of All Things

Before we begin the 1st series of blogs on the Greek and Hebrew words translated as “eternal, forever and everlasting,” I would like to present a small selection of Scriptures that defend my position on Universal Reconciliation.  I do this … Continue reading

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#1 – Universal Reconciliation: Introduction

Universal Reconciliation: the belief that God is ultimately going to save all men. The idea is probably new to most people; which makes it a bit shocking to discover that a fellow Christian holds such a position. I mean… the … Continue reading

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Hannah Whitall Smith’s Testimony

Hannah Whitall Smith published the book The Unselfishness of God And How I Discovered It in 1903. As Wikipedia points out, many editions of the book omit three chapters in which Smith explains how she came to believe God saves … Continue reading

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God’s Will Regarding the Salvation of Mankind

What is God’s will regarding the salvation of mankind? Does He intend to save all people, or just a few? According to the Christian church, God is only going to save a few and the rest will burn in a … Continue reading

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